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Enterprise Payment Solutions

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Enterprise Payment Solutions™ (EPS)

Your Electronic Payments Partner

If your financial institution owns the payment channel, you “own” the consumer or business relationship. Financial institutions are at risk of losing material payments relationships to non-traditional payments providers and fintech companies offering more innovative, more convenient, faster payment solutions with intuitive and elegant user experiences. To compete in the payments industry today, financial institutions must enable consumers and businesses to make quick, accurate, and secure electronic payments. Digital technology has transformed payments and consumer expectations, and created a highly competitive industry served by traditional and non-traditional innovators.

Enterprise Payment Solutions, a strategic component of JHA Payment Solutions™, provides the comprehensive SmartPay platform that provides an integrated suite of payment solutions that supports the entire payment life cycle by seamlessly accepting, processing, and settling virtually every payment type generated in every payment channel.

The SmartPay platform encompasses:

  • Highly scalable desktop and mobile remote deposit capture (RDC) solutions for micro to large businesses and other organizations.
  • ACH origination and transaction processing for Internet-initiated (WEB), telephone-initiated (TEL), and recurring credits and debits (PPD and CCD).
  • ACH check conversion (BOC, ARC, and POP).
  • Check 21/X9 item image processing.
  • Credit card processing.
  • Online payment processing through a branded web site.
  • Electronic bill presentment and payments (EBPP) for B2B and B2C customers.
  • Remittance/lockbox solutions.
  • Payments-related fraud mitigation and risk management tools. 
  • Compliance tools that support the dynamic regulatory environment.
  • Sophisticated transactional tracking and reporting with analytics tools that generate actionable insights and decision-support information.

EPS protects customer and transaction data with 256-bit SSL encryption and advanced firewall technology, and security best practices, such as monthly third-party vulnerability audits. EPS also ensures compliance with NACHA rules and meets the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security certification requirements for credit card processing.

The robust EPS application program interface (API) can be configured and deployed to offer the highly scalable payment solutions for near-term needs, with the flexibility to quickly and seamlessly add payment options to support evolving business strategies and market demands. EPS provides API implementation assistance and integration expertise.  


Time-Tested, Production-Proven Payment Solutions

EPS offers unparalleled industry expertise and presence, currently supporting more than:

  • Over 1,600 financial institutions and over 4 million consumer accounts
  • Over 300 resellers
  • Over 300,000 businesses representing over 900,000 business locations
  • Over 1.5 million mobile deposits monthly
  • Over 1 billion annual transactions representing over $1.2 trillion

SmartPay Benefits 

This integrated suite of payment solutions which is hosted in a SAS-70 secure ASP environment:  

Simplifies complex payment processing with a single platform for all types of single and recurring payments.

  • Modernizes existing payment channels.
  • Enables the seamless entrance into new and emerging payment channels with highly scalable, production-proven payments options.
  • Supports the industry-wide demand for a faster, easier payments experience.
  • Enables financial institutions to attract and retain more loyal and profitable small business and commercial accounts with relevant, highly competitive payment options. 
  • Enables aggressive and successful competition with traditional and non-traditional payment processors.
  • Supports flexible workflow options.
  • Deploys unique reporting and analytics tools that generate actionable insights and decision-support information.
  • Leverages proven marketing and communications programs that encourage user adoption and promote organic growth.
  • Maximizes operating efficiencies and the economies-of-scale available through vendor consolidation.
  • Positively impacts the bottom line by reducing operating costs, maximizing revenue potential, and offerings least-cost routing for ACH and Check 21 transactions.
  • Leverages the JHA Payment Solutions operational infrastructure and expertise which is impossible for individual organizations to assemble and maintain.
  • Proactively mitigates and manages payments-related risk and fraud.
  • Complies with dynamic regulatory mandates. 
  • Provides industry-leading payment solutions consistently enhanced through internal research and development, strategic acquisitions, and business partnerships.
  • And more.

Contact us at for more information or to schedule a personal demonstration of EPS solutions.   

JHA Payment Solutions

As a business unit of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq: JKHY), JHA Payment Solutions operates as a true payments partner that replaces processing silos with a holistic payments ecosystem that is faster, simpler, and secure. JHA Payment Solutions provides the customized strategy and the production-proven solutions for traditional and emerging payment channels, and the advancing technologies needed to continually evolve, enhance, and expedite the payments experience. 


  • Solutions Overview
    Enterprise Payment Solutions Platform

    An integrated suite of remote deposit capture, ACH and card transaction processing solutions, risk management tools, reporting capabilities, and more for financial institutions of all sizes.
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