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Enterprise Payment Solutions

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Enterprise Payment Solutions™ (EPS)

Your Electronic Payments Partner

Digital technology is transforming the payments industry and creating a highly competitive market served by traditional and non-traditional innovators. Today, financial institutions like yours are losing payment relationships to new payments providers and fintech companies that offer more innovative, more convenient, faster payment solutions with intuitive and elegant user experiences.

When you choose the secure payment solutions from Enterprise Payment Solutions (EPS), you gain proven, modern tools to aggressively and successfully compete in the evolving payments industry. EPS includes the JHA SmartPay Platform™, an integrated suite of payment solutions that supports the entire payment life cycle by seamlessly accepting, processing, and settling virtually every payment type generated in virtually every payment channel.

Your accountholder and transaction data is protected with advanced technologies and security best practices, and EPS solutions comply with NACHA rules and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security certification requirements. The EPS application program interface (API) can be configured and deployed to offer the highly scalable payment solutions for near-term needs, with the flexibility to quickly and seamlessly add payment solutions to support your evolving business strategy and market demands.

Working with Enterprise Payment Solutions, you can simplify complex payment processing with a single platform for all types of payments, modernize your existing payment channels, and enter emerging channels with proven payment solutions.

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    Enterprise Payment Solutions

    Enterprise Payment Solutions provides the comprehensive JHA SmartPay platform, an integrated suite of modern payment solutions.
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