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Enterprise Payment Solutions

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JHA SmartPay Platform™

Integrated Payments Platform that Supports Multiple Payment Channels

If you own the payment channel, you “own” the relationship. But payments are evolving at an unprecedented rate. Innovators like Square and Venmo are working hard to disenfranchise financial institutions with faster, more engaging payment services. Meanwhile, fintech companies have intriguing innovations on their drawing boards. Retailers like Amazon and service providers like Netflix have changed the level of convenience and speed-of-service consumers expect. And today’s mobile mentality means consumers and businesses expect to conduct most of their interactions and transactions on mobile devices.

Owning the dynamic payments channel is getting more difficult with new competitors, new payment alternatives, and new end-user expectations. But when you choose the JHA SmartPay Platform, you gain fully integrated solutions that support virtually every payment channel and the entire lifecycle of virtually every payment type.

With the integrated suite of JHA SmartPay business, consumer, fraud, and analytics solutions, you can simplify complex payment processing with a single payments platform that helps you modernize existing payment channels and seamlessly enter emerging channels.  

  • JHA SmartPay Platform Overview
    JHA SmartPay Platform

    Integrated Payments Platform that Supports Virtually Every Payment Channel and the Entire Payment Lifecycle
JHA SmartPay Platform Video
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  • JHA SmartWatch℠ Overview
    JHA SmartWatch℠

    Generate real-time notifications for remote deposits, ACH, and card transactions processed by the JHA SmartPay Platform™
  • JHA SmartDetect℠ Overview
    JHA SmartDetect℠

    Maintain compliance with new Nacha rule that mandates ACH originators validate accounts for ACH WEB transactions