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checklist: digital account opening best practices that will boost your deposit game

As you look to increase deposits and reimagine your account opening process, use this checklist as a guide.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to new deposit account opening.

As you face deposit challenges, a volatile workforce, and time limitations, it’s impossible to meet every accountholder’s expectations. Instead, you can understand what matters most to your current and potential accountholders to better serve and attract deposit relationships across all digital channels.

Without the right technology, you won’t be able to serve your accountholders in their moments of need. As you look to increase deposits and reimagine your account opening process, use the following checklist as a guide.

You need a digital solution that:

  ✓  Provides a list of the information needed at the beginning of the process.

  ✓  Sets expectations upfront so applicants understand how long the process will take.

  ✓  Offers omnichannel integrations and allows applicants to save and resume their applications at any point in the account opening process.

  ✓  Captures and auto-fills basic personal identity information.

  ✓  Provides a method to compare different account types.

  ✓  Empowers easy direct deposit set-up.

  ✓  Provides notifications regarding the progress of the application process.

  ✓  Allows the simplicity of digital account funding in real-time.

  ✓  Qualifies applicants against risk and fraud threats.

  ✓  Verifies applicant identity (often with third-party data sources).

  ✓  Integrates with your core banking system.

  ✓  Enables electronic signature capture.

  ✓  Easily captures photo or file uploads of supporting documents (identification, agreements, etc.).

  ✓  Includes specific functionality and form fields for business accountholders.

  ✓  Delivers a seamless user experience from account opening to digital banking.

Opening an account with a neobank takes less than five minutes. If your account opening platform isn’t providing every feature on this list, Jack Henry™ would love to speak with you about how we can help.

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