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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Attract and Grow Commercial Accountholders

66% of gen z 
would switch 
services for 
a better 

In the Age of Digital Disruption, Poor Design Can Cost You the Whole Relationship
For years, digital banking for businesses has been back-burnered as development dollars went to consumer projects. Business accountholders have had to settle for a lukewarm experience built on personal banking functionality. They’re often flying blind when it comes to critical business needs like monitoring payments, tracking card expenses, analyzing sales data, managing cash, borrowing optimally, and understanding their financial health. No wonder they’re such easy pickings for fintechs.
Interested in learning how you can evolve to be the go-to destination for commercial services?
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become the primary destination where businesses go to manage and move their money

A Holistic Approach to Financial Services Keeps Your Institution Top of Mind-, App-, and Wallet

To stay relevant, it’s crucial to provide commercial banking experiences that are personalized, convenient, secure, and deliver the service and insights that improve the financial health of businesses. 

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how we help

Meet the Evolving Digital Banking Needs of More Businesses

Empower Businesses with Digital Deposits

Enable businesses and merchants to make faster, cheaper, anytime, anywhere digital deposits and bypass the in-person branch.

Deliver Inclusive Digital Banking

Offer a single, go-to digital banking destination that encompasses an individual’s consumer and business banking needs.

Provide Tools that Enable Financial Health

Ensure your business accountholders can manage their funds 24/7/365 with comprehensive tools that are available anytime, anywhere.

Easily Offer a More Curated Commercial Experience

With hundreds of pre-built integrations with top fintechs and Jack Henry technology, you can create a differentiated digital experience, quickly and easily.

Help Businesses Manage and Move Money at Their Moment of Need

Offer Distinctive Credit Card Programs

Provide competitive, customized commercial credit cards with meaningful rewards programs, outstanding support, and more.

Provide Next-Generation Digital Payments

Support businesses with a seamless, flexible digital payments platform and payment experiences that fast-track funds availability.

Meet the Demand for Faster Payments

Offer faster payments to meet businesses’ strong and growing demand to move money at the exact moment of need.

Enable Businesses to Expedite Receivables

Enable businesses to reinvent and expedite receivables with a fully integrated platform that consolidates all receivables, payment, and remittance information.

Offer Reliable, Cost-Effective ACH Solutions

Enable businesses to materially reduce the number of manually processed check payments with reliable, cost-effective ACH solutions that move money directly between accounts.

Support the Demand for Wires

Enable businesses to securely send and receive domestic and international wires with real-time, guaranteed funds availability.

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Learn more about evolving to be the go-to destination for commercial services.


66% of gen z would switch financial services for a better experience What’s Ahead in 2021, BAI Banking Outlook Special Report, accessed September 2022.