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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Improving Accountholder Experience

gain new business opportunities by focusing on the experience

Improve Depositor Acquisition to Reduce Abandonment and Increase Fully Funded Accounts
Financial institutions are faced with a tricky balancing act when opening new accounts outside the four walls of their branches. Account applicants expect a fast, frictionless new-accounts process. But identity verification and anti-fraud initiatives that protect the institution can create barriers to an excellent experience as they seek to reduce fraud losses or comply with federal regulations. As neobanks and non-bank competitors digitally capture new accounts at an ever-increasing pace, it’s time for banks and credit unions to bridge the experience gap. 
handsome young african man sitting alone in a cafe using his cellphone

redefining traditional online origination as applicants seek a fast, frictionless experience

Creating the Right Balance of Security, Process Automation, and Accountholder Ease of Use
For community and regional banks and credit unions, thriving in today’s competitive landscape requires providing a fast, seamless account-opening experience for the applicant, while using modern technology to streamline back-office processes, enhance security, and automate manual tasks.
Whether that means implementing mobile branch technology to bring the branch to your accountholder or redefining what traditional online account origination looks like, when you have modern technology and smart integrations on your side, Jack Henry™ has the expertise and tools to help.

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how we help

Reduce friction in digital account opening.

Leverage Technology to Grow Your Business

Deliver fast, automated applications without sacrificing security to create an application process that fits your unique deposit-gathering strategy.

Enjoy the Benefits of Embedded Fintech

Don’t go it alone – we use our size and scale to identify and build integrations with top fintechs so you don’t have to.

Reach new accountholders by extending your market.

Digitally Expand Your Market

Reach beyond your geography and appeal to a new, different audience by launching an all-digital brand to gather low-cost, core deposits.

Service Two Needs with One Core

Run multiple forward-facing brands on a single core platform to create opportunities for new deposit accounts while leveraging your existing technology.

Bring the Branch Experience on the Road

Securely bring the convenience of branch banking out into the community with mobile branch technology.

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