Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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Financial Crimes & Fraud Risk
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African american women working on laptop in cafe
Overcoming Revenue Challenges

serving borrowers in their moment of need is critical

Make It Easier for Borrowers to Borrow
Borrower expectations have changed thanks to digital innovations. In the digital era and in the wake of COVID-19, a seamless, intuitive, fast lending experience – from application to funding – is now an expectation, not a differentiator. People and businesses have specific needs and timelines for the money they are borrowing. Inherent delays with inefficient, cumbersome, siloed lending processes often lead to abandoned applications along with missed revenue and relationship opportunities. If you can’t meet a borrower’s expectations, another lender is literally in the palm of their hand.
African american women working on laptop in cafe

banks and credit unions need automated, efficient lending processes driven by modern technology

Make It Easier for Lenders to Lend
Lending is the most complex financial service – and banks and credit unions are continually challenged to improve the related operating efficiencies, reduce time and staff requirements, and reduce origination and portfolio management costs while seamlessly meeting varying application volumes. It’s also common for the loan life cycle to be extremely siloed. Banks and credit unions need centralized data and fully automated, fully integrated loan life cycle management – from application and origination to decision automation and portfolio management.

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how we help

Increase loan volumes with integrated consumer and commercial loan origination and servicing solutions.

Attract and Retain More Borrowers with a Digital Lending Experience

Easy-to-use, modern technology reduces borrower friction and enables lenders to process more loans in less time.

Generate new lending opportunities by attracting, serving, and growing mission-critical deposits.

Leverage Technology to Attract Accountholders and Grow Deposits

Deliver fast, automated applications without sacrificing security and create an application process that fits your unique deposit-gathering strategy.

Service Two Needs with One Core

Run multiple forward-facing brands on a single core platform to create opportunities for new deposit accounts while leveraging your existing technology.

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Learn more about an automated lending process to maximize interest income.