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JHA SmartPay Remote Deposit Now℠ (RDN) 

High-Volume RDC with Business-Managed Proofing and Balancing 

After historically competing based on interest rates, today’s financial institutions – of all sizes and charters – compete based on convenience. And the competition for deposits and for lucrative commercial accounts is unprecedented. Remote deposit capture (RDC) is now a competitive necessity and a convenience-driven financial service businesses expect you to offer.

With JHA SmartPay Remote Deposit Now, the businesses you serve can electronically deposit checks using single- or multi-feed desktop scanners and Windows®-based PCs. Checks are scanned, check images are captured and stored, and courtesy amount recognition (CAR) and legal amount recognition (LAR) are automatically performed without manual key entry. An array of back office functions, including proofing and deposit balancing, are performed by the business using an intuitive user interface and a practical workflow. Convenient, rules-based parameters are used to accept, reject, or balance deposits based on established dollar amounts.

Deposits are processed using least-cost routing and Check 21 item image processing streamlines back office functions, including processing, routing, and collections. The solution’s sophisticated risk management and reporting capabilities also support your institution and your business accountholders.

With RDC, businesses immediately reduce the time, expense, and risks associated with in-branch deposits while improving funds availability and their cash flow and working capital. RDC is simply a more convenient, efficient, and economical way to make deposits.

RDC is also an extremely “sticky” financial service that fosters loyalty and retention among your business accountholders, helps increase your low-cost deposit growth, and reduces your transaction and operating costs and branch traffic. With it, you gain a fully hosted solution that offers a low cost of both near- and long-term ownership.​​​

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    JHA SmartPay Remote Deposit Now (RDN)

    JHA SmartPay Remote Deposit Now enables businesses to electronically deposit paper checks using single- or multi-feed desktop scanners.
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