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Today’s ProfitStars - Let’s Get Reacquainted

Strategically Speaking
Feb 22, 2012

Dave Foss  Author: Dave Foss,

We don’t usually use this blog as a forum to talk about ourselves, but please allow me to make this special exception to share with you some significant changes at ProfitStars and the reasons behind them.

In 2004, we began what is now ProfitStars with the vision to provide solutions that can improve the performance of financial institutions and other diverse corporate entities. With aggressive goals for growth and for our clients’ success, we have since combined 18 of the industry’s leading niche solution providers to power the efficacy of more than 11,000 clients. We have come a long way because of grand visions, a collaboration of talent and technology, and loyal, driven clients.

After several years of developing strategic partnerships and delivering solid growth, ProfitStars has matured its vision to improve the financial industry and those closely associated with it. As part of our family, we want you – our clients, partners and associates – to understand our vision as it continues to evolve. For those of you reading with whom we don’t currently have a relationship, we want to familiarize this vision with you as well. That is why we are introducing a renewed brand to better reflect the innovative and growing organization we have become, “Today’s ProfitStars.”

Starting today you’ll notice a new look and feel to our website and overall brand image. Understand that we are the same ProfitStars with which the industry has grown, but it was time for us to update our message to the markets we serve.

Our goal with this brand renewal is to make sure you (and your customers) are more aware of the variety of tools available from ProfitStars to help improve your business. With that in mind, we have reorganized how we present our more than 60 solutions, categorizing services to more clearly communicate what is available and where it fits within your organization. These groupings are Financial Performance; Imaging & Payments Processing; Information Security & Risk Management; and Retail Delivery – determined by our team as the four primary areas most integral to your operations.

We want you to remain market leaders. In that way, expect continued product expansion and maturity from us. The biggest banking trends this year will be fueled, and supported, by technology innovations and we’re always working to stay ahead of those trends. This organization is nimble and on-track with our goals for enabling a more profitable, efficient experience. And that value is being extended to you.

This new beginning can only be successful with your support. We’re here to listen and learn even more about what you want and need, so please continue to provide that feedback. Your unique contributions are what have helped make ProfitStars what it is today, and we look forward to getting you reacquainted with our brand and the solutions available to impact your success.

So, take a look around the new website at, and tell us what you think.

Thank you for your participation in developing, launching and always evolving our solutions. We look forward to growing with you and continuing to provide solutions that improve your organization’s overall performance.


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